Apr 29, 2016

I seem to remember Behavior opening up a show stacked with chaotic punk acts and being rather impressed with their unique brand of unhinged noise punk. Their contributions on this split resemble that particular night’s performance more so than their recently released debut album375 Images of Angels which is far more artful and conceptualized. No matter, Behavior are still a genius of a band and right up your dark alley whether you’re into Brainbombs and/or Raspberry Bulbs. Maxwell Gender serve up two tracks of a very compelling take on experimental anti-music with soundscapes looped and spliced with pulsating rhythms, dark and stormy field recordings, and an overall horror/suspense film creepiness. Fans of Vatican Shadow and John Carpenter soundtracks should know what to expect. Excellent pairing of equally captivating acts. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Squid,

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