BEHAVIOR: 375 Images of Angels: LP

Apr 29, 2016

Do you consider Shellac’s 1000 Hurts to be easy listening? Do you crave the dulcet tones of Pissed Jeans’ rabid howls? Do you find that hardcore and punk often conform to cookie-cutter tones and arrangements? If so, Behavior might be what you’re looking for. The jagged guitar erratically screeches over the skeletal rhythm section, while the vocalist spews stream of consciousness rants: “She sells them dry paint or the marble in Athens / Thought the image of the robin was a flash of fire / We thought the clue was a solution.” Uninhibited and raw, Behavior eschews mainstream musicality and crafts noisescapes that, like a hypnosis wheel, entrance you with their atmosphere and defiant illogic. 

 –Sean Arenas (Iron Lung,