Mar 08, 2010

Within a few seconds of listening to this Before Cars CD, my mind wanders back to the ‘90s, circa the heyday of grunge music. These songs conjure up old memories of listening to Stone Temple Pilots and Sponge records. So, it shouldn’t come to any big surprise that the lead man of this band is Chad Channing, the old Nirvana drummer who wasn’t Dave Grohl. The tune, “Nnovacaine,” is almost an ad hoc replica of the Nirvana cover of the Vaselines’ song, “Molly’s Lips.” It’s got that fuzzed-out guitar distortion and bouncy rhythm that’s so typical of Nirvana’s less produced sound as found on their album, Incesticide. The standout track on this record is “Old Chair” because Before Cars depart from their grunge influences and go for an indie-vibe tune that could be mistaken for an Elliott Smith b-side. If anyone is feeling nostalgic for some modern day grunge, this album is worth looking into.

 –N.L. Dewart (Flotation)