BEEF PEOPLE: Pavlov’s Dog: EP

Nov 07, 2008

Here’s an obscure band from the early to mid-eighties, unearthed for another look. Beef People were based out of Virginia in 1984, where they released a six-song EP, Music for Men, and appeared on the TPOS double cassette compilation War Between the States. On this, you get seven songs, one being from the War Between the Sates comp. They remind me a bit of DOA and Fang, but with enough of their own style. It’s a bit raw in parts, all around rough, and a driving tempo. Very much of the time. “Industrial Jelly” is a slow, lumbering number with snarling vocals and a paper cutter with reverb. “Living in a Gas Chamber” is awesome with its time changes and odd bridge. Excellent record the whole way through. Comes with issue #25 of Artcore.

 –M.Avrg (Artcore)