BEDLAM KNIVES, THE: Here Comes Trouble: 7” EP

Jun 13, 2014

The Bedlam Knives sound like the legendary Los Angeles punk staple X. If you are a moron, allow me to translate: The Bedlam Knives sound fucking rad! Doug Kane (aka Doug Dagger), formerly of Schleprock and The Generators, has a velvet smooth voice for a punk rock singer, but it works here. Bass player, Chalon Harris, plays the worthy Exene to Doug’s John Doe, providing companion vocals with a wide range, from sugar sweet to switchblade slashing. The rest of the band kicks ass here too: a more than solid rhythm section and dual guitars playing riffs that would do any red-blooded American or two-wheeling, leather-clad rebel proud. Rock and fucking roll! 

 –John Mule (Dr. Strange)