May 30, 2014

Becky Lee (who is the only person in the act) recorded these eight songs back in 2008 after having played guitar for only two months. With that in mind, this is pretty good. It’s bluesy, electric guitar with bluesy vocals to match, and limited percussion (I guess that would be the Drunkfoot portion of the act). In other words, Lee is a one-woman band that plays blues, or blues-influenced, music. Given that Lee was pretty new to the guitar thing when these songs were recorded, none of this is too complex. But between the guitar, some percussion (usually a tambourine), and her vocals, the songs fill out well. When she’s not channeling the blues as much, the vocals and simplicity of the tunes reminded me of Audrey Ryan, whom I love. But, Lee doesn’t have the diversity that Ryan has. Before this, I had never heard Lee, but if this was a brand new album I would say I wouldn’t mind hearing more. But given that she has other albums out, I can’t say any of this intrigued or interested me enough to seek out her other material. So, take from that what you will. 

 –kurt (Voodoo Rhythm)