BECAUSE, THE / ONE REASON: You Made Me Cry Because of One Reason: Split 7”

May 10, 2007

The Because: One of my favorite bands coming out of Japan (actually, out of anywhere) right now based on only the few songs of theirs that have made it my way. I was a little thrown for a while when I first got this. The first song has female lead vocals, which none of the other songs I’ve heard have used. I actually thought this had been mislabeled, but the lyrics sheet matching the words I was hearing proved me wrong. I think they’ve gone from a four- to a three-piece, and something just felt missing on early. But, with repeated listens, this has just further cemented them as a band to keep an ear out for. One Reason: Strikingly similar to The Measure at points, it manages both gruff and pretty at the same time. Good stuff. And, luckily for us in the states, this is also available through Salinas.

 –megan (Snuffy Smiles / Salinas)