BEAVERS, THE: Are Back!: 7” EP

Nov 21, 2006

God damn, sometimes you hear a record and it reminds you why you gave such a prick-ass review to the new Radio Birdman album…i think it’s been a good ten years since the last 7” i have (thus the “Are Back!” appellation no doubt), but no matter whether these Beavers have been busy or merely in stasis, they bash forth two CLASSICS (and one sturdy instro-mental filler piece) regardless! Kinda like the fuzzed out retro-Farfery of Les Sexareenos, but welded to a legit ‘70s punk rock bashing technique a la, perhaps, the Subs (although they don’t really sound like the Subs at all, though i guess the 45 sleeve is pretty close to being the same color as the “Gimme Your Heart” PS). If i am not being cleverly deceived, the guitarist is utilizing one of my personal favorite modes of attack: Playing bashed-out punk on an electric twelve-string (Six strings? HA! That’s like having an amp that only goes up to five!) I hear what sounds like female vocals in “I’m On No One’s Side,” but there doesn’t appear to be a girl in the bunch, unless “Paul” is a girl’s name in Holland. Needless to say, this is taking the concept of “Beaver Hunt” in a direction i don’t care to follow. I suggest you buy this, or fuck off. AND fuck off, actually. BEST SONG: “I’m On No One’s Side” BEST SONG TITLE: “Daf 66” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Logo by Sjors!

 –norb (High School Refuse)

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