BEAVER: Self-titled: LP

May 28, 2014

One of many DC punk acts lost in the wake of the Dischord Records juggernaut that continues to serve as the de facto face of that town’s scene, Beaver was a hardcore act that released a smokin’ EP before a member or two went on to massive fame in Government Issue. As these tales usually go, said EP quickly went outta print and remained criminally obscure until the whole punk rarities gold rush pulled it from oblivion and suddenly it started commanding the kind of prices most folks wouldn’t pay for a large screen T.V. In his inimitable wisdom, the good Doctor has seen what ails average punters like you and me who love the tunes but not the exorbitant prices and has reissued Beaver’s recorded output—the EP tracks, plus assorted demo tracks—as a limited edition LP on snazzy black vinyl (white, if yer lucky, punk). The lion’s share of what’s here is classic harDCore, with short tunes meted out with a taut delivery, all of which easily stack up against the better known names of that scene. Only five hundred out there, kiddies, so I suggest ye get moving pronto before you’re again having to sell yer washing machine to procure a copy. 

 –jimmy (Dr. Strange)

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