BEAUTYS, THE: Thing of Beauty: CD

Dec 14, 2001

You have to love an album that starts with the line "Jesus hates you." The Beautys are so much more than that, though. Chica Baby has one of those all-too-rare-in-punk-rock voices that's tuneful and clear and would be kind of pretty if you didn't get the feeling that she'd kick your ass for calling her voice pretty. The same goes for her guitar - clean licks reminiscent of Buddy Holly and Link Wray that sound almost pretty while they kick your ass. The song-writing is tough and sometimes funny. The rhythm section is solid. The album even has two pretty cool instrumental songs. As a whole, the Beautys are still playing exactly the kind of rock'n'roll songs they started out playing in their first album, "Liquor Pig." They're just getting better at it.

 –sean (Cheetah's)