BEAUTYS, THE: The First Seven Inches Are Always the Hardest: CD

Jul 09, 2009

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of The Beautys, so I was stoked to see this CD in the Razorcake PO box. To be honest, I was hoping they’d recorded new songs, but they hadn’t. It doesn’t matter. I’m happy with a collection of their seven inches. This collection gives some good insight into them as a band, because, even though the songs aren’t arranged chronologically, it’s easy to tell which songs came from the early days when they were still trying to find their sound and which songs come from their later recordings when they had their sound down. But they’ve packed a lot of stuff into this collection: everything from their first seven inch, Girl from Planet Fuck, to their amazing A#1 Sex Shop Employee seven inch (which has The Beautys’ best ever song, “Coverband”), to unreleased demos from ’95 and ’98, to songs that only made it on to obscure comps, to a handful of bonus live tracks. I actually have most of the seven inches in this collection, but the problem with the records themselves is that they’re over so quickly that I’m always left wanting more. With The First Seven Inches, The Beautys give me more. They put it all on one nice CD with extra stuff that I’ve never heard and they save me from having to get off my ass and flip the vinyl every two songs.

 –sean (Diaphragm)