BEAUTY PILL: The Cigarette Girl from the Future: CD

Sep 18, 2009

One would think with a release on deSoto/Dischord Records you'd know what you're getting yourself into. It's either a band that sounds like Fugazi (i.e., bass heavy, guitar-driven rock with terse vocals) or a band that sounds like Jawbox (i.e., a band that sounds like Fugazi.) But this release is a very different. Not that there's anything wrong with the two above-mention bands, this is really just a pleasant surprise. "The Cigarette Girl from the Future" is a lounge-y, go-go, hand-clapping romp that's eerily reminiscent of the B-52's "Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland," complete with quirky lyrics, see-saw boy/girl vocals, a French horn, and even a chicken shaker! This 5 song EP as a whole is quite the melodic gem, with a vast range of instrumentation. They lose me a little with the experimental keyboard noodlings of "Bone White Crown Victoria," but they've intrigued me enough to remember their name and check out future recordings. That in and of itself deserves a wink and a "Job well done," handshake from Kat.

 –kat (De Soto/Dischord)

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