BEAUTY PILL: Describes Things As They Are: 2 x LP

Sep 18, 2015

The big maximal electronic push and the prioritizing of ornamental sounds like power drills/fireflies/sandy beaches/general blorps and the use of a dog bowl make this album interesting (also the lyrics) and remind me of Juana Molina and Eno and jazz records I haven’t heard yet, and also I wish they were more of the rock band they used to be, and also how many bands take more than ten years between releases and come back as a living (emphasis on living) surround-sound experience and have roots in a corner of DC punk and cover Arto Lindsay? How many bands write a song about flirting that’s also about complicated racial history, that includes a section meant to reference Ornette Coleman? How many sing a song from the point of view of an aging, failed actor with children? This is more textural/layered than anything they’ve done before and is maybe more for the older crowd than the young, though the young crowd for this record are the shapers of tomorrow, obviously. That crowd will hopefully take BP’s cover of Lungfish’s “Ann the Word” and run with it. Or, fuck it, let’s hope BP themselves run with it. “Everybody with fingerprints make some noise” is my favorite sentence in years and I want to hear it chopped and screwed into infinity. 

 –Matt Werts (Butterscotch,