Beautiful on the Outside, Rich on the Inside: By Hunter S. Douglas III, 300 pgs. By Todd Taylor

Based on a prank that baits women (and some men without shirts) on Craigslist, imagine the most douchey rich dude posting a personal—yachts, polo, personal assistant typing the posting, explicitly demanding a woman who’ll aspire to be his personal accessory and whim-handler—and then read the women’s collected responses from all over the world for the better part of 298 pages…. It’s exhausting.

What this book needs is to become fifty pages and be transformed into one hell of a funny zine, along the line of Rich Mackin’s Books of Letters. It does have some high points. But, as it is—a grinding, repeated set of reactions from feminist rage, to acquiescence, to “thanks for the laugh,” to people suggesting that he collect the responses to make a book, to a lot of people wondering why they’re wasting their time on Craigslist instead of looking for jobs, to thanking Hunter that he doesn’t seem like a creepy rapist—made it really hard to get through.

As it stands, this book reinforces what I don’t like about the internet itself: It’s barely edited, filled with repetition, and woefully lacking in much of what gives me joy and as a human being… and that’s why I compulsively read books instead of glowing screens. Fun idea, but executed in the wrong format. –Todd (Chamber Of Cobras)