BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE, THE: Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn: CD

Jul 09, 2009

If you like Grade, Thursday, Waterdown, Finch or any other melodic screamo metal-core band that tries to croon every so often but also yearns to deflect any emo labeling by periodically making attempts – no matter how awkward, contrived or affected those attempts may be – to rock the fuck out, you will likely enjoy this. I’m sure that somewhere, some girl or guy is listening to this and crying because they love that girl or guy or goat so much, but I’ve heard this before and it sounded better last time. If you really need to understand what this sounds like (and I’d hope that my suffering absolved you of any such imagined or real responsibility on that account), imagine New Found Glory signing to Victory and changing their sound just enough to fit in but not so much that they gave up sniveling.

 –scott (The Militia Group)