Beautiful Blemish: by Kevin Sampsell By Sean Carswell

Apr 02, 2007

What do sexual fetishes involving ears, old married people having crazy sex, blowjobs from Hell, a young man coming to terms with his heterosexuality and dumping his boyfriend, a mutant cat named Frankenstein, a guy who keeps an elderly homeless man as a pet, and a man emasculated as a kid in a locker room points out that his dad has a larger penis all have in common? Kevin Sampsell writes about them. This is his latest collection of short stories, Beautiful Blemish. Sampsell is sometimes earnest, sometimes experimental, and sometimes bawdy, but the stories are always engaging. He’s almost Freudian in his exploration of sexual fetishes, and this makes for a fun journey through one man’s id. Beautiful Blemish is the kind of short story collection that makes you kinda wish you were the author’s psychologist, just so you could hear stories. At the same time, this collection makes you realize that you are kinda his psychologist. It allows you to be a voyeur into subconscious depths that most people fail to explore. How can you realize this and not keep turning the pages? –Sean Carswell (Word Riot Press, PO Box 414, Middletown, NJ 07748)