BEATINGS, THE: Kiss on the Cheek: 7"

Aug 13, 2009

Pretty rockin’ seven-inch from a band that seems to have that Dimestore Haloes/Johnny Thunders thing goin’ on. Note to self: figure out what sort of good luck resulted in me getting a ton of Thunders-esque stuff to review in the past few weeks! It’s making me put on the Heartbreakers more and more, which is definitely a good thing! If you’re into the whole NYC circa ‘75/’76 thing (which I certainly am!), you’d like this record! There are even the mandatory references to heroin! Punk rock! If this were a cereal, it would be Golden Grahams because I sometimes make the mistake of going for months without eating them, only to discover them once again in all of their glory!

 –maddy (Pelado)

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