BEAT, THE / MAXIES, THE: Split: 7”

May 28, 2014

I’ve never had anyone bring up a review of mine as often as Paul Collins has brought up my ((uh, shall we just say, “non-positive?”)) Razorcakereview of the Flying High album. And, while I hardly imagine the King of Power Pop was losing sleep for the past five years trying to figure out how to get me back on board again, whatever he’s been doing has been working out pretty well for all parties concerned; I’ve quite enjoyed his last half-decade of live and recorded output. Hooray for the power of positive insults! In any event, The Beat deliver a Buddy Holly-ish number called “Baby I’m in Love with You” and a pretty rippin’ re-make of the Collins-penned Nerves/Breakaways classic, “Walking out on Love.” My only gripe these days is that I wish some munificent glottal deity would roll about a quarter-century of mileage off the odometer on Paul’s throat. The Maxies have a pair of tunes on the flipside, and sound like what the McCrackins might have sounded like if the eggs were from Greenland. Why neither of their songs was called “Walking out on Suaasat” is not clear to me. Still, I think Paul claims victory once again. BEST SONG: The Beat, “Walking out on Love,” duh. BEST SONG TITLE: “Seal Club Sitta.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: There are three Wisconsinites on the cover of this record! And none playing on it! I admit it is safer that way. 

 –norb (Radius,