BEAT MOTEL #10: $4, offset, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, 60 pgs.

Apr 08, 2011

Good-natured English punk zine with lots of tiny type that says cool stuff like “Top lads go nuts, in an ordered way” and “Drive to Norwich was pretty swish and Abbi and Mike had turned their lounge into a boudoir of comfort for us, dreams!” The theme for this issue is “success,” so contributors take turns defining it. As punks, they skew more towards “doing what I like” as opposed to “Corvettes.” The coolest band name covered is Mum Locked In Castle. Beyond that, you’ll find the standard reviews, scene reports and…get ready for it…fart facts! I was laughing at this zine on the train while this mouthbreathing jock sat next to me, trying to read over my shoulder. I kept twisting away from him so he couldn’t look, because fun like this is for us punks, not the meatheads. –CT Terry (Beat Motel, PO Box 773, Ipswich, Ip1 9FT, UK,

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