BEAST: Dead or Alive: CD

May 28, 2014

Nugent. Sabbath. Priest. Black Flag. These T-shirts make one or more appearances in the band/touring photo collage on the inside CD layout. Beast play a more MC5 song structured (as opposed to The BellRay’s more Stooges’ attack) NWOBHM-solo-peppered (but much, much more Swedish) metallic rawk. There is no argument, while less throaty soul belting than Lisa Kekaula, that Maria can sing, her vocals easily being the most commanding thing about this release. Bands like Beast walk a fine line between staying engaging and becoming boring bar rock. Being from Sweden, they either have their tongues planted firmly enough in cheek or are playing with such conviction they command you to don the denim vest, grow a moustache, crack a Falcon beer, and throw the horns. 

 –Matt Seward (Gaphals,