BEARTRAP: Sleep Eradication: EP

One of those bands that gets better with each release. They sound like they’ve been locked up in the practice room for weeks, or on tour for a year constantly playing. The songs are tight and the delivery is “brutal,” as I hear the high schoolers say at the bus stop. Eight blasts of harsh thrash on one side of a 7”! Hardly any breathing space between songs—they just rip into one after the other—creating the feel of a live show. I love how the bass opens up the record on the down stroke! Totally helps in creating this idea of hell breaking loose. The vocals are delivered fast as hell, making me think the singer must look like a rabid dog with slobber all around his mouth, and spit flying everywhere. The drums are played like they were meant to be busted on every song, and, best of all, despite these songs being played like there’s no tomorrow, there are some catchy elements in here as well. Music for the misanthropic and sleep deprived.

 –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie,