BEAR PROOF SUIT: Science Is Dead: 7”EP

Mar 13, 2007

Mid. West. Punk. Think more along the lines of Laughing Hyenas (RIP Larissa Strickland) than Negative Approach, celebrating sprawled-out crunchiness, a John Brannon-like, nasty you-just-nailed-my-foot-to-the-floor howl, and systematic dismemberment over tunefulness or hyper speed. That part I like: classic Midwest hardcore that’s smarter than it lets on and a little weird. Yet, like the Laughing Hyenas, I just wish the songs were a tad shorter and less repetitive because, while bearing their own weight and ripping plenty of flesh from bone, Bear Proof Suit still gets a tad tedious in parts. Points scored for a good job covering the Wipers’ “Upfront.”

 –todd (Criminal I.Q.)