BEAR PROOF SUIT: Objects in Mirror May Be Fucked Up: 7”EP

May 26, 2008

Hair brained punk music theory #428: What’s the word for “stereotype” that’s positive? Oh yeah. Stereotype. The Midwest’s crappy winter has helped American punk rock through some lean times. Away from the constant diversions of the East Coast (despite the weather) and away from California, where one can pretty much survive in flip flops and shorts except for a couple of days a year, Midwesterners have a good four to five months to hole up, hide out, work on songs, listen to records, shovel snow, and watch things rust (from cars to brains). So, for those on the coasts who look at the Midwest as constantly lagging culturally, the reality is the Midwest is strong like bear and just doesn’t give in to constant whimsy. Bear Proof Suit recently found punk, circa 1980-1982 (in its entirety, nationwide) a couple years back and are currently kicking its ass into a pulp, like every day is Groundhog Day, and damn, it sounds great.

 –todd (Repulsion)