BEAR PROOF SUIT: A Suit to Alter Fate—2005-2008: CD

Sep 23, 2009

There are two covers that I recognized on this CD and those are Hüsker Dü’s “Real World” and Poison Idea’s “Pure Hate.” Describing these guys as sitting in the middle ground between early Hüsker Dü and early Poison Idea, with a sprinkling of Canada’s Subhumans, is a really apt summation of how these guys sound. They play really frantic hardcore of the ‘80s variety. The guitars, drums, and bass work are totally capable of shredding, should the band choose. More than once there are guitar lines and bass riffs on here that grab my attention and make me pay attention. The band keeps this sound fresh. Bear Proof Suit actually sounds desperate, angry, frantic, and not just like a bunch of aging punks going through the motions while harping on the sounds of a couple generations ago. There’s often a danger of a band trying to play hardcore like this sounding like they’re serving up the hardcore equivalent of microwaved leftovers, but, thankfully, that’s not at all the case here. This is a discography CD that includes the tracks from the band’s 2008 LP B.Y.O.B.O.C, two 7”s, and a few unreleased tracks. Pretty damn good.

 –Adrian (Urban Pirate)