BEACH PATROL: Riding Dinosaurs: CD

Dec 29, 2008

Beach Patrol is four dudes (three when this was recorded) from Green Bay who play big, fun, catchy power pop/pop punk tunes. Riding Dinosaurs captures all of the fun on this here aluminum disc, released on their own record label, Duck On Monkey Records. Taking obvious cues from Elvis Costello and Big Star, Beach Patrol sounds a lot to me like if the Billy Joel from “You May Be Right” and “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” fronted the Influents on their Check Please record, and I mean that in the best, most positive way possible. This is good, real good. Clean, but crunchy guitars. An echo-y moog flirts in and out of the songs and adds some pep. Drums rain down with crashing cymbals, marching along to keep your head bopping and toes tapping in perfect time, the way all great pop drummers should play (see Tommy Ramone, Keith Moon, Grant Hart, and Patrick Wilson for reference). Plus, the artwork with the band members riding their respective dinosaurs is pretty sweet, too. Nice work all around.

 –Jeff (Duck On Monkey)

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