BEACH PATROL: Eudaimonia: CD

Apr 29, 2016

I wish I wrote reviews for Roctober, then my whole review could be “You-da-MAN-i-a!” or “Eudaimoniamania!” or even the wrestling-themed “EU! DAI-ROCKS! EU! DAI-ROCKS!” but I do not, so you’ll just have to bear with me. I don’t recall too many albums out of twenty-first century Green Bay I’ve enjoyed more than their debut, The Grass Is Always Greener Til You Get There (which, for me, came out about two or three cars ago, when these guys were either still in high school or perilously close to it), but their two follow-ups seemed to be meandering towards that sort of dull, capable, mature Americana that seemingly appeals to no one other than people who write for local music papers and members of other bands who play that sort of dull, capable, mature Americana. With Eudaimonia (it’s a Green Bay thing, you wouldn’t understand) (okay, actually it’s an Aristotle thing. You still wouldn’t understand), however, the band appears to have figured out what they want to sound like now that they’re (gak!) thirty, and, thankfully, it’s not some overly housebroken attempt at proficient mediocrity. Nay! This album is sort of like having Elvis Costello, John Cougar Mellencamp, Ray Davies, Greg Kihn, and Mike Gent imitating Mick Jagger all taking turns farting in your mouth, but the interiors of their desiccated husks are a geode-like prism of Pixy Stix filling, so you taste nothing but the hearty tang of ascorbic acid and natural sweeteners! Look! They have finally become a beautiful butterfly! ADORE THEM! ADORE THEM!BEST SONG: “Line ‘Em Up.” BEST SONG TITLE: I dunno, but isn’t it weird how “Flower in the Dark” comes right after “Standing in the Light?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Fuck do I hate Cooper Black. Good work. 

 –Rev. Norb (Barely Standing,

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