Nov 02, 2010

Chuck Berry riffs. Dillinger Four respect. Alkaline Trio echoes. Copyrights hopscotch fun. Basement cocooning with records. Beer celebration. Beer dominance. Beer in backpacks. Beer pizza. Beer Dear Landlord. I have to admit that this was a bit of a grower. I tried to chug the record at first and it reflexed on me. And nothing’s worse than trying to hold back a puke than getting it in your nose and the back of your throat instead of letting the chunks flow. I slowly warmed up to it over several spins, first in the background, then hanging out in the kitchen, and finally going down in the sweaty basement. Then the irrepressible urge of a band on the constant verge of jumping into a Replacements cover hit me. I think what got me going weird was that the first song’s a curveball and comes across a lot like the Bodies, which I wasn’t expecting. But expectations are like puking. Get it over with, soak in it, then get back to partying.

 –todd (It’s Alive,