BE MY DOPPELGANGER: Convertible Girls: 7" EP

Jul 23, 2007

Wait, don’t skip past this review merely because of the band’s “For the honor of signing to Jade Tree we would gladly part with all of our Pedro the Lion bootlegs” moniker. Be My Doppelganger are much better at writing and performing songs than they are naming bands. Sonically, they draw on pop punk like the Briefs (and visually the sleeve graphics seem to tip the cap to Rev. Nørb). “10 Seconds to Go” is the best cut, more aggressive than the others and catchier, too (reminds me of the Mighty John Waynes). It took me several listens to convince myself that they weren’t singing “On the goddamn radio” in the chorus. A little confusion never got in the way of a good time. Mike Faloon

 –guest (Bitchin’ Riffage)

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