BCGS: Angel Lust: CDEP

Nov 16, 2015

If you’ve ever asked yourself what Talking Heads might have sounded like had they formed in 2015 and not 1975, then BCGs are an attempt to answer that question. Channeling the musical sensibilities of Byrne, Weymouth et al., the BCGs are one of the finest examples of no-wave worship bands you’re liable to hear anywhere. Not only has the band crafted a series of tight, catchy tunes in the same vein as their idols, but vocalist Joel Zimmerman has even mastered a very good Byrne imitation. He manages a deeper and rawer sound at times than Byrne ever did, showing a bit more range than his hero managed. BCGs lyrics are cryptic and cover topics of sex, death, and self-destruction. Some notable lyrical references include the Jonestown massacre, the Hillside Stranglers, and direct name dropping of their own band. It’s a touch of ego of which David Byrne himself would certainly approve. 

 –Paul J. Comeau (Records Ad Nauseam, [email protected])

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