BBQ: Tie Your Noose: CD

Aug 12, 2006

About eight years ago, i said that BBQ—then dba Creepy of the Spaceshits—had the best sense of timing in rock 'n 'roll, and you can dig out whatever moldy ol' issue of MRR i said it in and look it up yourself if you feel the urge for verification. I bring this up because, in the light of the BBQ project—Mark Sultan's left foot plays the snare drum, his right foot plays the kick drum, both hands play the guitar and his mouth makes the singing noises (i don't even wanna get into what appendage he uses to work the tambourine)—surely—surely!—my amazing RIGHTNESS in making that statement is now clearly evident. I mean, how the hell can the guy split all those actions up and assign them to different body parts like that??? I'd like to borrow his brain for the day, just to see how he processes information. So, i mean, as a feat of engineering, this album (recorded, of course, LIVE) is monumental. On the down side, unlike, say, Hasil Adkins or somebody, for whom the one-man-band-ness of the performance is crucial for the interpretation of the songs (i mean, how much less effective would Hasil's "Chicken Flop" have been if it was performed by a four-piece?), a fair amount of this material seems like merely a stunningly valiant approximation of what these songs are "supposed" to sound like (that is to say, were they performed by a "real" band, implying a presumably less limited beat selection, etc.), which ain't a knock, just an observation—but many of the more doo-woppy numbers ("C'mon and Love Me," "Waddlin' Around") would probably fare worse with an entire band behind them, so i guess we'll call it a tie. YEAH, WE'LL CALL IT A TIE, BAY-BEE... AND THE SCORE IS LUUUUUUUVVVV!!! Er... i have no idea where that came from. BBQ today, for tomorrow we shall surely merely snack!!! BEST SONG: "Waddlin' Around" BEST SONG TITLE: "C'mon and Love Me" worked pretty well for KISS... FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: In 1998, Mark Sultan informed me that, for reasons quite unknown to him, he never perspired.

 –norb (Bomp!)