BAZOOKA: Useless Generation: CD

Apr 29, 2016

You don’t hear a ton of modern Greek punk, but here’s one worthy of your ears. “Garage” has become a bit of a dirty word these days, and if you’re thinking the ‘90s and skinny ties, you’re all fucking wrong. I’m talking Timmy Vulgar garage, Clone Defects and Piranhas garage. Fucked-up, scary shit that sounds like people holed up with Los Saico’s records, guitars, and drugs. I’ve heard people throw around the psych label for this band, but I ain’t hearing it. Hard-as-fuck garage punk, as if one of those obscure ‘60s punk unknowns took mescaline and beat up your dad. Lyrics in Greek, translated in English. Feeling it. 

 –Tim Brooks (Slovenly)