BAYONETTES, THE: “Guilty Pleasure” b/w “Outta My Mind”: 7”

Jul 06, 2010

Epigraphs on a tombstone are bittersweet. They evoke the best memories of the deceased. They’re also a reminder that they’re dead: “Beloved band. Daughter to one. Sister to many. Servant to none.” The Bayonettes, quite possibly the contemporary Canadian answer to X-Ray Spex, called it quits in 2008. These two overdriven, jumping-for-the-ceiling, scream-until-breathless songs from 2006 are right on track with what made the Bayonettes such a kick. I miss ‘em. In celebration and memoriam, “Guilty Pleasure” will get cranked so their ghosts can continue to dance around my house.

 –todd (Deranged)