Mind Cure Records is not only an amazing Pittsburgh record store, but it’s also a record label dedicated to preserving its town’s music, both past and present. Those of us who were into punk and hardcore in the late ‘80s remember how underground things were in those awkward years between the hardcore era and the ‘90s resurgence. This demo is absolutely fantastic, with influences from every subgenre that existed up to that point in time. Classic ‘80s hardcore, NYHC, oi, crossover thrash, and other styles, along with distinctive vocals, lend a lot of flair to Battered Citizens. Included are a download card with the full demo along with two live sets, and a very cool foldout poster with fascinating liner notes and images. Members of Battered Citizens went on to be in other notable bands including Killer Oof Sheep, Submachine, Timebomb, Caustic Christ, Truth & Rites, and Cultivator. That these songs stand the test of time makes it no surprise that the members of Battered Citizens remain active in the scene. 

 –Art Ettinger (Mind Cure)