BATS, THE: Demo 5:26:84: 12”EP

The Bats are the kind of band that gets forgotten easily. Even today, many great bands play shows and break up without recording, but that was even truer in the pre-digital era. Michael Chabon, best known for his novels including Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Wonder Boys, briefly fronted The Bats:, a cool, very ‘80s- sounding band in the vein of the Meat Puppets. Two of the members of The Bats are currently in the stellar Pittsburgh act The Sicks. The download included with the vinyl also features a recording of the one full live set Chabon performed with The Bats. Not just an article of historical interest, these songs hold up well, with the vinyl having an incredible quality, considering the fact that it was mastered from a demo tape. Mind Cure Records continues to perform a tremendous public service by restoring fascinating works from Pittsburgh’s past. Bassist Lee Skirboll’s liner notes are as interesting as the music, rounding out this must-have release. 

 –Art Ettinger (Mind Cure)