BATON ROUGE: “Amer” b/w “Contrepied, Contretemps”: 7”

Nov 13, 2013

Baton Rouge have a real Jehu/Hot Snakes vibe—same kind of Froberg shouts and steady rhythms and great guitar tones—but also sound rooted in the ‘00s screamy underground. I wasn’t surprised to see they were on the same label as Off Minor and Daniel Striped Tiger. The songs are dynamic and chimey and propulsive and dark and all the things you would want, or expect. But there’s also something restrained about them. Both songs sound like they’re building to something and then end unceremoniously; they fizzle out or they come to a halt. It’s not a blue balls feeling exactly, but something’s being held back. Feels like they’re playing by the rules. If they free themselves up, who knows what could happen.

 –Matt Werts (Bakery Outlet, / PurePainSugar,