Bath Salt Zombies: DVD

Aug 22, 2013

Within the first few minutes of this no-budget horror flick, a guy gets fucked up on bath salts and gnaws the face off of a girl who just finished doing a striptease in front of him. This is essentially the movie asking, “Are you in or out?” If you’re in, you’ve got more of the same in store. The scenes of intestine chewing and face gnawing are accompanied by a soundtrack of sleaze punk favorites: The Dwarves, The Meatmen, The Murder Junkies, and AntiSeen. Make no mistake, this is no-budget filmmaking, with all the crap that comes with it (shitty CGI blood sprays), as well as all the fun (highlight: a puppet dog that has been zombified by bath salts ripping the necks out of drug dealers). The movie really hits its stride at the NYC subway finale, at which point it pretty much turns into a cartoon. This is what it looks like when filmmakers make the most of the resources at their disposal and put together a movie that emphasizes fun over everything else.