BATH PARTY: Self-titled: LP

May 20, 2014

Baths are disgusting and partying is awesome. Bath Party has more of a salty beach party sound than a dirty bath sound. These guys remind me of some of the Burger Records bands—low-fi, garage rock. Most of the songs on this record start with a basic structure and then they go off into instrumental territory after a few minutes, for a few minutes. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if a new song started or the current song went into a new direction. The vocals sound like they’re coming out of a transistor radio while the guitars sound like background music from the original Batman show. There’s a very psychedelic ‘60s lo-fi thing going on here. But rather than record under poor conditions, these boys seemed to have fine tuned their sound to the mark just above lo-fi. Put on your shorty shorts, grab some sunscreen, put out your tongue, and trip balls. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Resurrection, [email protected])