BATH PARTY: Ep. IV: Cassette

I’m really on the fence about this one. At the risk of misidentifying their intended genre, I’ll say that Bath Party play psychedelic-tinged garage rock with shovelfuls of East Indian sounds and sensibilities helping to steer the ship. So, it’s like a more slick and spacey take on sixties garage tunes such as the Sonics and that ilk gone a bit Bollywood, but the incessant finger cymbals (or whatever it is on the record making that sound) drive me up the wall, and there are a couple of tunes that sound like the guys in the band are just drunk and fucking off. (I know they’re not, but the initial impression…) However, the singer sounds like the dude from the Dogmatics, which is a real plus for me. I want to like this—it’s an interesting concept for this style of rock’n’roll, but I have to work too hard to enjoy it. 

 –Eric Carlson (Resurrection)