BAT COUNTRY: Love’s the Only Engine of Survival: CD

May 21, 2014

On a late Seattle morning in May 2012, a man suffering from depression walked into a café and took out a gun. Killing five and wounding others, Joe Albanese, Bat Country’s upright bass player, was one of the victims sitting at that café. Distraught after his death, the band decided to call it quits but wanted to put out an album in Joe’s memory. This, their debut and swan song, serves as a eulogy to a man active in the Arizona punk scene and neocabaret stage. Despite their homebase of Seattle, a southern gothic aura radiates from this nine-piece ensemble. The album title swiped from Leonard Cohen’s “The Future,” which they cover, adds to the NickCave & the Bad Seeds murky mystique of coffins, faeries, and ramblin’ countrymen. Accordion, clarinet, and Joe’s upright bass lend pomp and swing like Amanda Palmer’s Dresden Dolls, while piano threads of Rasputina can be eked out as a parlor lilt fades into the ether. Fit for a steampunk, cabaret variety show. 

 –Kristen K. (Self-released)