Sep 07, 2010

The Bastard Noise side of this starts out with intense-as-all-hell jazzy drum and bass hardcore punk with what sounds like an oscillator built on a 555 timer IC with a photocell (noise nerd points!) dropped on top of it. The time changes on the opener constantly catch you off guard and keep it interesting. The vocals here are polished and produced and, honestly, sound better than anything on any of the Man Is The Bastard records. The song “Mutant World of Shame” seems to incorporate the analog noise element better than the first two tracks, but it all works together. The best part is that after listening to the first side, you get to flip this fat slab of wax over and hear the Endless Blockade lay down an absolute epic (fourteen minutes!) hardcore track. The band is obviously influenced by Gism (hence the name), but there is plenty of old, angry power violence in their sound and large doses of noise. Endless Blockade use more than just analog circuitry to make up the noise segments, and there is a lot more layering during their noise parts, which adds more depths to the signal. This is a great pairing for fans of completely blown-out, noisy hardcore. –Ian Wise

 –guest (Deep Six)