BASSHOLES, THE: Broke Chamber Music: CD

Aug 07, 2006

It’s pretty easy to bag on modern punk rock. Lots and lots of people have embraced the superficial aspects of it while ignoring what’s important. Lots and lots of people have taken a visceral, powerful kind of music and glossed it over, clipped its nails, and purtied its hair up real nice. Somewhere along the way, it got turned into a cool police badge. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that really sucks. As much as that sucks, it doesn’t mean that great punk rock doesn’t exist anymore. Just because some bondage-panted future accountant is bitching about his deli tray backstage doesn’t mean that two falling-down drunks from Ohio can’t bash their instruments and howl their guts out. It’s the blues, the cockroach blues, the hell blues, the goddamn blood red blues that can’t be faked. It’s music for music’s sake, not to show off fancy sleeve tattoos. It’s everything that’s great about America condensed like soup into an hour of Bassholes singles and outtakes. Familiarize yourself with it

 –josh (Secret Keeper)