BASICKS: Take a Ride: CD

Jan 15, 2015

I can’t figure out what to make of the fact that this album was recorded almost a decade before it was released. Honestly, even given the 2005 date, the music sounds about ten years out of date. At its best, it sounds like half-assed Ramonescore, and at its worst, it sounds like half-assed Rancid worship. But it’s not as if the band is incapable of writing a good melody. Certain songs definitely stand over others (see: “Little Demons,” “Werewolf,” “1000 Reasons”), and others make me want stick a pencil in my ear so I don’t have to hear anymore music ever, dear god please stop (see: “Candice,” “In This World”). I’m not even one to notice lyrics too often, but I really could have lived without hearing some of the rhymes on this record (“Candice, my candy apple swirl / Envy of all the boys and girls”). Plus, the music is so laughably ‘90s that I’m surprised that the last track isn’t a ska song. Overall, completely skippable. Grade: D+. 

 –Bryan Static (Self-released, no address listed)

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