BASEMENT BENDERS: Self-titled: 7”

Sep 18, 2015

Basement Benders put out a seven-song cassette last year—fuzzy, singable, dirty—and by “dirty” I don’t mean nasty—I mean packed earth dirt and backyards, ancient outdoor furniture, sweaty coolers and what not. This current EP redoes four songs, two of which, “Pony Express” and “Train Song,” give an idea of Basement Benders’ range. Lyrically, “Pony Express” looks onto a familiar plane crash, pews, washed-out roads, the pony express, and, of course, radios, by which “you gotta be patient” while waiting for your requested Replacements song, which might never come, because how many stations even know who the Replace… Well, anyway, and the other track, “Train Song,” narrows the scope to one of the singer’s personas who is trying to balance a want for “cool clear water” to drink from as well as water to jump into “with a rock tied to [their] head.” So, right, kind of bleak shit. But somehow catchy as hell and uplifting, too. This four piece’s sound, which culls from their wide-ranging members’ histories—Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Black Rainbow, Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, and the list goes on—is the ideal EP for your Mad Max picnic. Get your copy, pop a cold snack, and start choogling. 

 –Jim Joyce (Dead Broke, / Drunken Sailor,

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