BASELINE BLVD: $8, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 64 pgs.

Sep 22, 2015

Emi Gennis is one of my favorite creators in self-published comics. Her latest comic Baseline Blvd reveals her personal side. Her art is scratchier and more visceral than in her other non-fiction comics like Trepanationand Unfortunate Mishaps in Aviation History. Gennis’s journalistic, fact-spouting voice is replaced by mostly wordless panels and an autobiographical narrative about suicide. The stretching acres of farmland scarred by train tracks create a lonesome atmosphere for Gennis’s journey to an ex-lover’s grave. She deconstructs her personal trauma through the juxtaposition of crows feasting on roadkill on an empty highway and the heart-wrenching memories of a crumbling relationship. White space and blacked out panels emphasize the overwhelming grief and desolation. It all culminates in a climax that is both powerful and understated. Although Baseline Blvdis a departure from Gennis’s tragically comedic comics, she emotes with her art in a way that is refreshing and inspiring. The result is her finest comic yet. –Sean Arenas (Emi Gennis,