Aug 12, 2006

Okay, I’ll admit it: I don’t get the name. Is it just some punk rock Dadaism that I shouldn’t try to read too much into? Maybe it’s all the news lately about baseball’s “Roid-gate,” but I keep picturing the chemically enhanced tantrums of millionaire ball players like Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco. Or Albert Belle when he tried to angrily squash some prank-playing kids like jack-o-lanterns under the wheels of his SUV one Halloween night several years back. Whatever. What matters, of course, is the music. And as the music goes, Let it Be continues on in the same blazing style of Greater Than Ever. Hard to put my finger on exactly what I hear here; at times I hear a sort modernized garagey Stones/Yardbirds hybrid—something akin to the Catheters, I suppose—and other times I hear a strong, gritty Dead Boys flavor. I even hear, every once in a while, a sort of less frenetic Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, sans the spastic idiocy and the masks. If any of those comparisons are even remotely (excuse the pun) in the ballpark, then the Baseball Furies in are damn good company. A solid twenty-seven-and-a-half minutes of pop-you-in-your-mouth rawk. You really can’t go wrong.

 –aphid (Big Neck)