BARSE: If You Can’t Fuck ‘Em, Cut ‘Em Up: CD

Jan 23, 2008

These guys purport to be doling out “authentic sounding 77 Brit punk,” but methinks they don’t quite get it, especially lyrically. In the case of the latter, a recurring problem that pops up with many bands trying to do the whole “I’m a sexist pig” thang these days is that so few trying have the proper dose of sarcasm to pull it off and, in the end, sound like a buncha morons who make you wonder just how in the hell they manage to find girlfriends. A little dab o’ intelligence in yer attempts at outrageousness will go miles, kids, and maybe it’s just a language problem thing, but nary a whit of wit is in evidence here. The nth-generation demo quality sound didn’t help their case, either.

 –jimmy (Hell’s Tone)