BARRIKAD: Where There Was Fire We Brought Gasoline: Cassette

Jun 01, 2009

This tape, packaged in five by seven plastic audio box in order to include a copy of Gilles Dauve’s Critique of the Situationist International, is a multimedia crash course in situationist leftism. This was an area of leftist and anarchist-leaning thought that started to brew in Europe in the late 1950s, which strikes some similarities with the American Beat movement. Side A begins with a British-sounding woman’s voice explaining the human dilemmas that are symptomatic of capitalistic societies and then fades into a wall of white noise. I interpret this art as making a statement about our attachment to sloganeering in western songs and this is Barrikad’s attempt to represent music made from anarchist principles. The noise includes natural events such as a train leaving, screams, echoes within a tunnel, wind, and more. If you’re looking for a mindfuck or are into noise, then this tape is worth a listen. –N.L. Dewart

 –guest (Nil By Mouth, [email protected])

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