BARONESS: Yellow & Green: 2 x CD / 2 x LP

While not quite as fierce as previous albums, the whole of this double album shows this Savannah, Georgia, four-piece maintaining more accessibility (seen in its ability to put some hooks on songs like “Eula” and “Take My Bones Away”) but still not proposing such a commercially viable sound that they’re not willing to put some instrumental tracks over these seventy-five minutes. Yellow seems the more aggressive of the two albums, while Green is a little more reflective and mellow, although neither are consistently tied down to those descriptions. Some talk on the interwebs suggest there are those who are disappointed at Baroness’s not being as heavy on this new release. I never thought they were that fierce to begin with. Yellow & Green makes perfect sense so far as I’ve observed in their history. Yellow is the disc for the old fans—there’s still some fire to their craft—while Green shows some depth to Baroness—perhaps a sign of things to come? The fact is that there are some good songs on here—ones that will get stuck in your head, others that still retain some great riffs to them, and yet another group that displays a band willing to expand their sound—not for the purpose of selling out, but because they’re more than one-dimensional. This is not always something that all music fans (especially those in harder music) seem willing to accept, but which can still hold a great deal of power and emotion in the music. Life isn’t always about clubbing one another in the mosh pit.

 –kurt (Relapse)