BARE WIRES: Artificial Clouds: LP

Nov 11, 2009

Man! I thought when I heard the first song on this record that it wasn’t going to be just another hipper than hip hipster albums of typical throwback garage rock (despite the picture on the front pointing all signs in that direction.) The only female-fronted vocal and title track “Artificial Clouds” is this spaced-out rock number that really couldn’t be pegged to one band or stereotyped as typical to a genre. It’s definitely the highlight out of the twelve tracks. The music here is good with some pretty inventive rock riffs. I wouldn’t quite call the tunes psychedelic, but they’re definitely trippy. This is lo-fi scenester music with distortion on the vocals. Jay Reatard mastered this album, and if you’re a fan of his music, you’d like this record.

 –N.L. Dewart (Tic Tac Totally)