Nov 22, 2009

I guess the title says it all. Actually they're reaching out to the NWA/Eazy-E fans in all of us. The angriest duo in garage rock today enter the ring without any pity for album number – oh who's counting when all of them do the same "cathartic" trick for those mentally jaded by life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Tom Potter still screams and yelps like a teenaged buttfuck. "This Time" has a great "wall of sound" Spector-ish vibe which mutates into a churning, burning, full throttle classic Rooster tune, “Shitlist + 1” (damn, you gotta give 'em credit for inventive song titles). This is Bantam Rooster at its best – unleashed, unabashed, ripped off, pissed off – all the emotional rollercoasters of a Spanish soap opera wrapped into the three minute blues punk song. That ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of Bantam Rooster and if you don't understand it, you can take your spoonfed, wide-eyed, spoiled rotten, luxury lifestyle, candy ass to the curb – so I can kick the shit out of it. -Namella "Take No Prisoners!"

 –guest (Sympathy For the Record Industry)

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